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Antisnake venom



Snake antivenom sera are the only specific treatment available but they can produce severe adverse reactions. They are generally only used if there is a clear indication of systemic involvement or severe local involvement or, if supplies are not limited, in patients at high risk of systemic or severe local involvement. (1)

Treatment of snake bites (1)

Due to risk of life threatening anaphylaxis, resuscitation facilities should be immediately available; antihistamine and treatment for anaphylactic shock should be kept ready (1)

Serum sickness Anaphylaxis with hypotension, dyspnoea, urticaria and shock (1)

Caution exercised in pregnant women (1)

60-100 ml in 5% dextrose or normal saline intravenously over one hour; start at 1 ml of diluted solution per minute initially, watching for reaction. Skin sensitivity test is not recommended; In hemotoxic snake bites may repeat a second dose at 6 h. if bleeding/clotting abnormalities continue, or whole blood clotting time is still prolonged at 6 h In neurotoxic snake bites, may repeat at 1-2 h. (1)

1. National Formulary of India. 4 th ed. Government of India, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. India: Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission; 2011.